About The Author

This site, “God Is Our Refuge and Strength”, is not about me. As I have no desire for recognition, I will simply be known as RVH.

For some background, I have been a student of the Bible and a Bible teacher for many years. Having said that, I am a sinner saved by grace and have failed God in many ways. However, He has never failed or left me.

“God Is Our Refuge and Strength” was developed to provide inspiration, encouragement, spiritual growth and Bible study. As Christians, we are on a spiritual journey and our spiritual growth is a process. Hopefully, we can help you along this journey. If you are not a Christian, we hope this site will open your eyes and heart to the Spirit of God and you will accept Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior.

If this site has been helpful, or if you have questions or suggestions, please drop us a line at rvh.godisourrefuge@gmail.com


Thank you and may God richly bless you. He is our refuge and our strength.