About This Site

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This site was developed to provide inspiration, encouragement, spiritual growth and Bible study.

Our beliefs and doctrines will be apparent, however there is no intent to push doctrine or try to change anyone’s doctrinal beliefs. The only thing we must agree on is the mission of Jesus Christ, the plan of salvation and what it takes for a sinner to be saved.

We can disagree on “once in grace, always in grace”, “apocalyptic literature in Revelation”, “prophecy” and other beliefs and doctrines. However, we must agree on the deity of Jesus and the plan of salvation.

We pray that God will use this site as a blessing to all Christians. Those on the mountain top and those weary travelers in the valleys of life.

We also pray that God will use this site to speak to those who are not Christians. Hopefully their eyes will see and their hearts will be open to the drawing of the Holy Spirit. Then, making the decision to reconcile with God, by accepting Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior.

What the world needs is to have Biblical truths made simple and easy to understand.  Not off the wall prophecies, complex interpretations or get rich quick schemes.

If this site is a blessing to you, or if you have questions or suggestions please drop us a line at rvh.godisourrefuge@gmail.com

May God bless you and always remember “God is our refuge and strength.”