Inspirational Sayings

Submitted by RVH on Sun, 02/07/2021 - 13:37

 "We cannot put wings on our troubles and have them fly away, but we can put wings on our prayers and turn them over to God."  RVH

"When we feel our weakest or most inadequate is when God can use us most."  RVH

"God does not allow our trials and adversities to see how we will do. God already knows how we will react. He allows them so that WE will see how we react; so that WE will see & realize our faith & trust, or lack thereof. They are for our learning and edification. They ALWAYS teach us a lesson."    RVH

"Obstacles, trials and adversity allow God to teach us valuable lessons.  One great lesson we learn is that we are not in charge like we think, but rather God is in total control. We therefore learn to turn everything over to Him."   RVH 

"When our spiritual growth aspirations seem to evade our grasp, we have to reach a little bit higher."   RVH