Be Still, And Know that I Am God

Submitted by RVH on Mon, 10/05/2020 - 17:37
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What is God telling us in Psalm 46:10? What does it mean to “be still?” 

Theologians have differing views ranging from “silently and patiently waiting on the Lord” to a directive to “cease from war.”

I believe that God is directing his people to truly “be still.” Be quiet; not anxious; be calm and sedate; and listen to God. One thing we know for sure is that we cannot listen when we are talking and generally cannot listen when we are busy doing something else or upset. 

God says to “be still.”  When this verse was inspired, there were no I-phones, android phones, I-pads or other tablets or computers. Likewise, there was no television or internet.

Given this, there were other things that could take mankind’s attention away from God. The nature of mankind has not changed, just the inventions over time that can consume our time. 

Therefore, because of technology, we have a multitude of ways to direct our attention away from God.

The young and old alike now must be “connected” on a 24/7 basis it seems.  Connectivity or being in touch is the business model for social media companies and it sells like hot cakes.


But God tells us to “be still.” We can “be still” as we read and study God’s word. We can “be still” as we pray and certainly as we meditate.  We can “be still” as we see the majesty and power of God around us in all of His creation.  In fact, learning to “be still” and in communion with God will calm the troubled waters of daily life.  It is one of the best prescriptions for anxiety and stress.

God wants us to be still and think about Him. To praise Him and thank Him for all the blessings of life. 

As we are “being still” we are to know that He is God. In knowing, we are being mindful and acknowledging our Heavenly Father.

What a difference it would make in our life and our society, if God’s children would spend as much time “being still” and connecting with God, as is spent in all the ways that distract from God.

Think about this and how it applies to your life. How much time do you devote to God?  How does this compare with how much time you spend connecting with other people?  Or watching TV? Or surfing the net?

God wants us to be still and know that he is God. He wants us to learn to listen as he speaks to us through the Holy Spirit. To do this, we must connect with Him and it doesn’t take a newfangled device or invention.  

In prayer or meditation, be mindful of God and acknowledge Him. Be thankful and praiseful. Be still and quiet. Listen to God and see Him in all things around you.

The important thing is  “being still.” Forget your fears, anxieties and stressors. Leave them outside the door if you will and commune with God.

Why not connect with God today?  God is already there. He just wishes you would join Him.