An Unconditional Sacrifice

Submitted by RVH on Thu, 10/08/2020 - 11:53
He died for us on the cross

Romans 5:8   English Standard Version

but God shows his love for us in that while we were still sinners, Christ died for us.

Read, study and meditate on this short verse of scripture. Ponder it and realize what these 18 words are saying to us.

Then, in your own words write down what this verse means to you.

One of our favorite study methods is to have those in class study and meditate on a topic or scripture and then write their own thoughts down on paper. We feel this exercise is very beneficial.

After writing your thoughts down, take more time to study and meditate on what you wrote.

Believe me, it will help in your Biblical studies and with your spiritual growth and understanding.


My thoughts are as follows;

How many people truly love us with agape love, in spite of our faults?

The answer is, not many.

However, we see in these 18 words that God loves us regardless of the scars, blemishes, faults and annoying habits.

With the advent of the New Covenant, God established the new and final way to be reconciled with Him.

It is the only way now and Jesus clearly tells us in the gospels that He is the way.

What we see is that God made an “unconditional” sacrifice, as Jesus bore the sins of the world to become the propitiation (atonement) for humankind’s sins.

That unconditional sacrifice was for your sins. It was for my sins.

The blood that Jesus shed was for all of us.

There is a gospel song entitled “He Did It All For Me”, written by Duane Allen and Sager Powell.  Let me allow the lyrics of this song to speak to this unconditional sacrifice.

“He Did It All For Me”

“Once a man whom we know as the Son of God
Hung upon a cruel tree
He suffered pain as no mortal man
He took my place, He did it all for me

When I step just inside those gates - those gates of pearl
And the master's face I see
I'll gladly kneel at his nail-scarred feet
Oh praise the Lord, He did it all for me

He did it all for me
Each drop of blood was shed for even me
When the savior cried, bowed his head and died
Oh praise the Lord, He did all for me

Oh praise the Lord, He did it all for me

He did it for me


This is exactly what this short verse of scripture is telling us. It was all done for me, regardless of my sins or station in life.

Sometimes when I teach on this subject, I use the unconditional love and sacrifice of parents. It doesn’t come close to the love of God, but it is an example that we can easily understand.

Parents most always love, care and provide for their children. They look beyond their faults and in most cases would do anything within their ability for them.

This is exactly what God did for each of us. Through the death and resurrection of Jesus, He provided the way of reconciliation with Him.

He made the unconditional sacrifice for us all. Regardless of how sinful we might be, He provided this way of reconciliation.

The sacrifice that God made is unconditional. The love of God is unconditional.

However, the plan of salvation and reconciliation has conditions.

To accept this unconditional love and gift, we must humbly bow before God, asking for forgiveness for all our sins, through the blood of Jesus Christ. We must accept Jesus as our Lord and Savior and from that day forward strive to live by His teachings and Word.

What an amazing act of love from our Heavenly Father.  

Each drop of blood was shed for even me
When the savior cried, bowed his head and died
Oh praise the Lord, He did all for me

It is unconditional and for all to take.

However, it is up to us to accept it.