Here Am I, Send Me--Part 2

Submitted by RVH on Thu, 02/16/2023 - 18:28
Be the light





As we start each day with the prayer “Here am I, send me”, the following is a short prayer, asking God to help us be the light of the world today.







Heavenly Father,

As Isaiah cried out, today I pray the same…Here am I send me.

Let me be today and each day, the light of the world, shining in a world of darkness.

Let me have the attitude of Christ, the love of Christ and the patience of Christ in my daily activities.

 In my mind, let me not harbor anger, resentment, bitterness, animosity, jealousy, grievance or grudge against anyone.

Let me not harbor hurt feelings, self-pity, pettiness, discouragement, fear, doubt, worry, anxiety, self-centeredness, self-importance or self-glory.

If any of these should enter my mind, help me with the power of the Holy Spirit to recognize it immediately, cast it out and get Satan behind me.

Help me to walk closer to you Father on this day, than the day before.

Help me to live today with a worshipful attitude, lifting your name in worship, praise, thanksgiving, glory and honor, consciously and sub-consciously throughout the day.

Lead me and guide me this day and let me be the light of world that Jesus said we should be.

I pray that others will see and hear Christ in me.

In Jesus name I pray,



Be the light


Be the light


Be the light


May others see Jesus in me