It Is Hereditary

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Disobedience to God


Romans 3:23   English Standard Version

23 for all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God,

God has provided a way to be reconciled with Him, through repentance and belief in His only begotten Son, Jesus Christ. Jesus paid the sacrifice for our sins and through His shed blood, we are made righteous in the eyes of our God.

All human beings since the cross of Calvary and the advent of the New Covenant can overcome sin and Satan through Jesus.

However, after receiving the gift of love and grace through Christ, we must be on guard that Satan does not craftily pull us into disobedience of God.

Human-kind has a tendency to neglect or be disobedient to God. Satan knows exactly how to cause this to happen in our lives. However, the great news is that we can defeat Satan through the Holy Spirt that dwells within each believer and we can remain true and steadfast with God.

As we journey back through Biblical history, we see examples of those who did not defeat Satan, but rather succumbed to him, being disobedient to God.

Adam and Eve had everything perfect in their land of paradise. They could not have asked for more. In addition, they communed with God daily.  Yet they listened to Satan and disobeyed God, throwing away their perfect paradise in the process.

Sometime later, God chose a tiny Hebrew nation to be the Godly example for the world and show all nations what God is like and what He expects.  God performed miracles in helping this nation that would be called Israel, escape from bondage in Egypt. However, not many days later, the people expressed a desire to return to bondage in Egypt. However, they trudged on toward the land that God had promised them.

 Later, as they neared the land of Canaan, which God had promised them, they became fearful. Twelve spies were sent in to case the land and they returned with a mixed message. All of them except for Joshua and Caleb said there were giants in the land and it could not be taken. They disobeyed God.

The nation that God had chosen to tell the world about Him, now decided that they knew better than He did. Because of this, God punished them by sending them back into the wilderness to wander for 40 long years.

We can look further at individual lives and see many more examples of disobedience to God and the price that was paid.

  • Sampson
Sampson was disobedient


  • David
  • Jonah
  • Peter


These examples are given as a warning.  A warning to all believers who make up the Church, now the chosen people of God, who are to show the world who God is and what He expects.

These examples are a warning as to the power of Satan, and a warning to stay obedient, steadfast and faithful.

These examples are a warning that there are consequences for our disobedience.

Disobedience or obedience


God created humankind with a “free will.” We were not created as robots who were programmed to worship Him, but rather with the ability to make that choice or not. So, you could say it really is in our DNA.

Through the power of the Holy Spirit, it is likewise in our DNA to be obedient, faithful and steadfast in our walk with God. The decision rests with us as to which path we will take.


Right decisions versus wrong decisions


Therefore, put on the whole armor of God to defeat Satan and his tactics. Through prayer, studying the Bible, meditation and walking in the Spirit, we can overcome the hereditary disease of sin.


Disobedience or obedience