Politics and Religion

Submitted by RVH on Fri, 11/13/2020 - 12:32
Politics or Religion

Years ago, people would not discuss politics or religion. They definitely would not tell you how they voted.  More importantly, spirituality or religion was much more important than politics.

Today, unfortunately it is not the same. Politics is more often the topic of conversation than not and certainly more than spiritual topics.

Almost everyone is proud of their “tribe” and politics has become a driving force for many, including Christians. Unfortunately, the love that Christ teaches we must have for others gets forgotten and we look upon those in the other party as enemies.

Politics and religion


Something that we need to understand is that neither political party has a patent on spirituality. There are countless Democrats who believe in Christ as well as countless Republicans. Countless Democrats sin and fail God, as do countless Republicans.

To be clear, there is nothing wrong with allowing your Christian beliefs to be a factor in your politics.  However, if your Christian beliefs are your guide, you must be honest about all aspects of your party or individual candidate’s history.  Much too often, things are overlooked or justified simply because the person is one of us.

The primary problem with the clash between politics and religion is that far too many wear their “D” or “R” proudly, but fail to wear their “C” (Christian) more prominently, if at all. Our faith, trust and hope must rest with GOD and not with a political party or human being. This is the message we should be conveying.

Whatever your political tribe, it is fine to be involved, but let your Christianity shine forth in word, attitude and actions. The "C" comes well before the "D" or the "R" and is the insignia or lapel pin that we must wear.