Reach A Little Higher

Submitted by RVH on Mon, 01/25/2021 - 10:59
Reach A Little Higher

If we strive to be good at, or master something in life, it takes focus, determination, effort and persistence. I should add “lots” of effort.

We all have heard the expression “practice makes perfect” and if we want to be good at something it takes much practice. However, to ensure that we devote the time to practice, we must have the determination to succeed and a laser like focus.

If you want to be a good or great athlete, it takes conditioning and lots of practice in your sport.

If you want to be a good or great musician, it takes hours upon hours of practice.

If you want to be a good or great student, it takes hours of studying.

Someone has said that if you want to master something, it takes 10,000 hours of practice to reach this level.

Suffice it to say that people spend hours trying to improve themselves at something.

Spiritual Growth


So, the question is “What about our spiritual growth?”

Do we work as hard in this area? Do we have the focus and determination to excel in our spiritual growth? Do we put in the effort to grow closer to our God?

Some may be surprised that it takes effort on our part, but it surely does.

When we are saved, God gives us salvation, redemption and reconciliation. He also dwells within us in the form of the Holy Spirit.

Then, we must begin doing our part. Growing spiritually through the sanctification process and growing closer to God is up to us.


Spiritual growth effort


In other words, we must put forth the effort and work at it.

Do we put in the hours of Bible study and prayer? Do we put in the hours of meditation and listening to the leading of the Holy Spirit?

Or, are we satisfied with where we are on the spiritual growth spectrum and rest on our laurels, so to speak?

If you find yourself satisfied, I’m afraid you are missing the wonders and blessings that God has in store for you. 


Spiritual growth effort


Stretch And Reach A Little Higher


Let me close using the analogy of the form of exercise known as stretching.

Stretching increases muscle elasticity, our range of motion, our flexibility, blood flow to the muscles, improves our posture and even can calm our mind. Yoga involves mindfulness & meditation with stretching exercises. Stretching in effect keeps our muscles flexible, strong and healthy and allows us to maintain a range of motion in our joints.

How does this apply to our spiritual growth process?  We all need to stretch our bodies, mind, heart and soul to reach up more, out more and to strive more in our effort to grow spiritually.

Think about the effort you put into growing closer to God. Are you working at it?  Do you put in the time it takes?  Do you put forth the effort necessary?  Is it a priority?

I am sure that we all need to stretch and reach a little higher in our daily walk with God.

Each day we need to remind ourselves to REACH A LITTLE HIGHER where we will find God REACHING DOWN TO US!


Reach a little higher