Studying God's Word

Submitted by RVH on Mon, 01/18/2021 - 14:06
How do you study the Bible?


Many people read the Bible as if they are in a race to meet a certain goal or as if the most important thing in their study is the number of chapters read.

The good news is that these folks are at least reading the Bible. The bad news is that they very often do not hear what God is saying to them.


Most of us do not hear God’s voice speak to us or see a burning bush. However, God DOES speak to each of us individually through His Word.


Study God's Word


Remember the following, if you forget everything else;

When we read the Bible, God is speaking specifically to each of us, as we read. The Bible is the living, breathing Word of God. It was not only written for those alive at the time it was written, but for all mankind of all ages. When we read the story of Jonah, we shouldn’t simply read it as a narrative just about Jonah. We should prayerfully seek what God is saying to US, as we read the scriptures. THIS is how most of us “hear from God.”


Study God's Word


Having given you the most important study advice above, please allow me to give you a few bits of advice on reading and studying the Bible, as God has given them to me.

1.  Read the Bible slowly.

It is NOT about how much you read each day, but rather about how much you understand, comprehend and apply to your life each day.

2.  If the KJV is hard to understand in places, read the NIV or NET versions for help.

3.  Read a verse or two at a time and then meditate upon those verses.

4.  ALWAYS do # 3 and think deeply about the verses you read.

5.  Write down, preferably in your own words, what the scriptures mean to you.

6.  Regarding the verses read, meditate and pray about what God is saying to YOU.

7.  Don’t be surprised if God says different things to you when you read the same verses at other times.

8.  Remember, God is speaking to YOU through His Word, as you read His Word. Regardless of the narrative story or who it is about, God is speaking to YOU, through the story or person.

9. Before concluding your Bible study, ask yourself the question "What is God saying to ME through His Word?"  

10. Then, conclude by writing down  the lesson or message you received.

Remember this one thing; 

God primarily speaks to us through His Word, so when you open your Bible to study, don't just read...LISTEN.

We hope you will put these study hints to the test. I am confident they will bring you closer to God as you hear Him speak to you through His Word.


Study God's Word