Worshipful Attitude-Part 1

Submitted by RVH on Thu, 10/15/2020 - 13:29
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For too long a period in my Christian life, I compartmentalized God and my worship of Him into specific time slots during the week or day.

I had prayer time and study time in which God was the focal point and naturally there are the public worship services where a portion of the time is truly spent in worship offered to God, but certainly not all.

Then I came to realize as I was teaching a class on the subject of worship, that God expects so much more from His children.

Specifically, I realized that God expects so much more of me.

At this point I concentrated several classes on this very subject.

I stressed the importance of not simply worshiping God 3-5% of the time during the week or year, but developing what I called a “Worshipful Attitude” that would be as much a part of our daily life as eating, drinking or even breathing.

As I taught this subject, the primary target of the lesson was me.

However, I presumed that given the hectic pace of daily life, others may have fallen into the same habits that I had. From the response, I was correct.

Maybe my Christian walk is different from others, but developing a “worshipful attitude” took concentration and effort on my part. Worshipping God is not difficult at all, but developing a continuous “worshipful attitude” was altogether different.

If you are in the same boat that I was, take heart because it can be done. 

Starting with just a minute or so out of every hour awake, you will begin to commune with God on a higher plane and will be amazed with your spiritual growth progress.

It will take practice to get it right. It will take concentration and focus. It will take dedication. It will take a commitment to God that you will offer Him the worship that He deserves. The demands on your time will sometimes get in the way.

Then, at some point it will become a habit.

It becomes your way of life.

It becomes as much a part of your day as eating and drinking.

Now, if you already live each day with a “worshipful attitude”, you are commended and God is pleased.  In your closer communion with God, you are being the light of the world that Jesus calls us to be.

However, if you find yourself as I did, start the process of developing your “worshipful attitude.”

It may very well take time to fully develop, as it did with me. There were days when I had to prayerfully admit that I failed to keep my commitment to God in developing this habit.

If you are not there already, start the process. You will see amazing changes in your spiritual life and God will be pleased.

The end goal is to live in and express this “worshipful attitude” without even realizing it.

Let’s get started.