Worshipful Attitude-Part 2

Submitted by RVH on Wed, 10/07/2020 - 17:58
Worship God

Be Mindful of God

The most important decision we can ever make is to accept Jesus Christ as our Lord and Savior.

The most important thing in our life after that, is our relationship with God, through Jesus Christ.

What does God expect from us?

It is not just a once a week relationship.

It should be a daily relationship where we see God in all things that surround us, worshipping and communing with Him in different ways.

We no longer bring an animal sacrifice as our offering to God, as Jesus made the ultimate sacrifice for our sins. Under the new covenant relationship with God, our sacrifice is our worship of Him.

Unfortunately, many Christians feel that they fulfil their worship duties by attending a public service each week.

However, when we realize that we only spend approximately 3%-5% of our week in public service, we should then realize that God expects so much more. We should also realize that we owe Him so much more.

My goal in teaching and in my own life has been to develop a “worshipful attitude”, where we become mindful of God often each day.

This takes discipline and focus for most of us, as we are busy in our hectic daily lives.

However, it can be done and God wants it to be done.

We can and should see God in everything around us, so the first step is to be mindful of Him. We should look for and see Him and His awesome power in all things and in things we have heretofore taken for granted.

So, make the following a habit; 

  • Be mindful of God
  • Look for God in all things
  • See God in everything around you
  • Be mindful of God every hour, just for a minute or so


This is our first step in developing a “worshipful attitude.”