Worshipful Attitude-Part 3

Submitted by RVH on Wed, 10/14/2020 - 15:24

Acknowledge God

If we desire to make a “worshipful attitude” a mainstay of our daily life, we should (if not already) make it a habit upon rising, to ask God to bless the day and direct us in all ways.

Then, being mindful of God throughout the day, wherever we may be, we learn to see Him in everything around us. We see God in each part of His creation and created life, including in our fellow human beings.

As we are mindful of God, the next step is to acknowledge Him.

Being mindful is great, but if we truly want to commune more closely and develop a worshipful attitude, we must also acknowledge Him often.

Webster’s defines the word “acknowledge” as follows;

“First, to accept or admit the existence or truth of; then, to recognize the importance or quality of and to express gratitude for and appreciation of.”

To acknowledge also means to show that you have noticed someone by making a gesture or greeting.

Of course, God wants us to be mindful of Him many times each day. However, He also wants us to acknowledge Him and what He has done for us.

We acknowledge God by giving Him a “nod of our head” through prayer, acknowledging His greatness and power and all the blessings of life He bestows on His children.

We acknowledge God by offering up our praise, as well as our thanks.

So, as being mindful of God becomes a frequent daily habit, take a few minutes each time to acknowledge God in praise and thanksgiving.

Acknowledge God frequently each day in prayer, praise and thanksgiving.

This is the second step in developing a worshipful attitude that will be pleasing to God, as well as bringing us closer to Him in our daily walk of life.

King Solomon said it best;

Proverbs 3:6   English Standard Version

In all your ways acknowledge him,
    and he will make straight your paths.

When our worshipful attitude becomes a developed habit in our daily life, those around us will notice and it will have a positive influence, more than we may ever know.