God Restores and Leads

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Psalm 23:3

Psalm 23:3    KJV

He restoreth my soul: he leadeth me in the paths of righteousness for his name's sake.









He restores my soul


In this most beautiful chapter of the Bible, David tells us volumes in only six verses.

David knew that God restores the soul’s condition.

In verse 23, David says that “He restoreth my soul”, referring to God.

To restore means to return to a former position,  to repair, renovate or bring back.

God shows us our errors, our faults and our failures.

When we are troubled, anxious or simply worn out, if we call upon God, He will restore our soul.

He refreshes us and comforts us, giving us joy and a renewed faith and trust.

We often hear people say they need their soul “revived”, which can mean the same as restored.

This passage can also refer to times when we might become complacent in our spiritual life.

Or, this can refer to times when someone walks away from God, taking the wrong path, like the prodigal son.

God can and will restore our soul, no matter the reason needed.

If we let God speak to us through His word, meditate upon His word and quiet ourselves in communion with Him, regardless of our need, He will restore our soul.


He restores my soul





path of righteousness


David goes on to say “He leads me in paths of righteousness, for His name's sake.”

Many find the Holy Spirit to be mysterious and hard to understand.  In fact, many fail to see the workings of the Holy Spirit in their life

As a fun illustration, think of the marionette, the large puppet controlled from above by wires or strings. They move as they are directed to move. The non-animate marionette is controlled by outside forces from above. 

Now, we are NOT as the marionette. God does not control our every move. We have free will and make our own choices.

However, God does try to “steer” us in the right direction and He does this through His Holy Spirit.

The Holy Spirit INDWELLS us;

--To restore us;

--To comfort us;

--To guide us;

--To direct us

--To correct us

--To convict us

--To lead us...and

--To keep us on the paths of righteousness

Does that mean we always listen? Absolutely not.

However, God will always guide us to the path of righteousness. He would never lead us any other way.  He cannot lead us any other way.

Again, we must quiet ourselves in communion with Him, blocking out the noise of the world, allowing God to direct our path.

As we walk the journey of this life, we must always listen for and feel the guiding hand of God.

The "strings are being pulled" so to speak, but it is up to us to move and make the right choices.

He is guiding or leading us to the paths of righteousness and as we follow His lead journeying on this path, we glorify and magnify His name.


He leads me in paths of righteousness